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Our company

Farhodomótica is an engineering company specialised in research and development in the field of electronics and telecommunications. The company is located in Asturias, an industrial region in northern Spain with a strong entrepreneurial tradition.

Having many years of experience, we develop technology that is used in products sold in more than 20 countries. Our R&D activities focus on communication and data transfer technologies applied to domotics and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

The software and hardware products we develop are implemented by manufacturers in the industry in the products they sell. Farhodomótica’s technical innovations enable these manufacturers to increase the value of their products and consolidate their leading position on the market in relation to their competitors.

As an electronic engineering company, we at Farhodomótica are able to adapt our technology to the needs and requirements of our partner companies. We take care of the entire production cycle from the initial design right through to the final assembly.

FarhoDomótica S.L.

Tel: (+34) 984 11 02 44

Mob: (+34) 663 85 95 37

Carretera General Oviedo-Santander, 57

33199 Granda (Siero), Asturias, Spain

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